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Vermeer & his photo-realism

Related to CC201’s study of Rembrandt is the mysterious work of Johannes Vermeer, another painter of the Dutch Golden Age. His photo-realism has been a topic of debate – how did he achieve it? Vanity Fair offers some recent speculation. Here is a sample: Despite occasional speculation over the years that an optical device somehow enabled […]

William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’

Relating to CC202’s study of Blake’s work, here is an image from ‘The Tyger’      

Looking with a scientific eye

Core student Nora Spalholz (CAS’14) checks out the surviving shrimp in the ecosystem she and her partners built two weeks ago in a lab session of CC106: Biodiversity. Photo by Cydney Scott, from BU Today.

Core revels at the Frog Pond

On Friday, February 11th, a crew of Core congregants convened on Boston Common with a few of the faculty, for an evening of frivolity and physical fitness: skating on that iciest of seasonal attractions, the Frog Pond rink. Cocoa was had, our sources report. Happiness levels were uniformly elevated in all participants. Photo courtesy Prof. […]