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Day 14

By elissam

We went to collect water samples from the reservoir and stream at Mari Pata. We did not hike all of the way up to the source, but took water samples from the stream about half way up the mountain because the guide said that the source was very difficult to get to and that the stream was collected from several small sources and then went underground. He said that the stream reappeared close to where we were taking the samples. After the hike, we went to have lunch with Jose Archimedes and Tia Blanca. Archimedes showed us around their farm, and explained some of the projects he has been working on. He is trying to expand their coffee crop, has also build a machine and series of tanks to shell and clean the beans.

When we returned to the Hummingbird House, we worked on the water tests for the Mari Pata stream and reservoir. Some of the townspeople dug up one of the pipes from the old system so that we could see the type of pipes, and intersection where the system branched out to serve the houses around the plaza.

After dinner was Caitlin’s birthday party. Wilma baked a cake, and Lucho brought in speakers and invited people into the Hummingbird House to drink and listen to music and play Zappo.