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Day 28

By elissam

We spent the morning cleaning up the hummingbird house and putting up plastic in the windows. In the afternoon, we took the total station and shovels up to the reservoir at Yacuñao to survey and dig the hole for the soil sample. We saw the tank, and hiked up a little farther to a larger flat area where we want to build. The area was not clear, and we spent a long time cutting down brush to survey. Charlie and Paolo started digging. It was dark before we finished. We took pictures of the hole for the engineer to see the soul quality and depth, and then filled the hole and started back down the mountain in the dark. Thankfully we had a flashlight and knew where we were going, but it was a slow walk.

Charlie got sick on the way down, and spent the rest of the night in bed once we got back. Richard wasn’t feeling well either, so the rest of us went to the concert we had been hoping to see over in Milpuc. The band was a cumbia group from Chachapoyas, called Tempestad, and they were in Milpuc for their festival which started a couple of days ago. We walked back around 1:00 after a couple hours of music.