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Day 23

By elissam

We split up this morning. Lucho and Paolo are going to Mendoza to buy the rebar and other supplies we need for the improved kitchen project. The rest of us stayed to work more on the kitchen design.

We found out that there were a couple of improved kitchens in the area, so we spent the morning walking to Vista Alegre with some of Panchito’s children to see one of them. There is another in Vista Alegre and one in Chirimoto that we will be seeing later this week. When we got back, we had lunch with Tulio and then started making the adobe for the kitchen we hope to build in the Hummingbird House. Panchito offered to make the bricks; he said that if we have time to use them on this trip we can, and that if we do not he will store them somewhere or make new bricks if he has another project to do. We hope to have time to build the oven, but must wait for the adobe to dry. This normally takes about one week to 10 days, so we are cutting our time close but think it best to plan everything and have it ready even if we do not have time to build this trip.