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Day 29

By elissam

We had  lazy morning- half of the group is sick.

In the afternoon we walked back to Vista Alegre to have lunch with Wilson, the teacher, who has another of the improved kitchens we had looked at a few days ago. He was not home the other day when we stopped by, but his wife was home and she invited us to lunch today to come and talk with him. We went over the survey and talked about problems in the education system. The school has problems getting textbooks, materials and funding to repair the building. Wilson also said that there are problems convincing parents to educate their children, rather  than keeping them home to help out. Out of 30 or 40 students in the elementary school, only 4 or 5 will continue on to attend the secondary school in Milpuc.

The rest of the afternoon was spent out in the plaza- on sunday afternoons the town sets up soccer and volleyball matches and everyone goes to play/watch. After the games, we went to dinner at another house in Vista Alegre. The woman who owns the house is 86, lives alone, and owns the only metal stove in the town. We went to visit her the other day when we were looking for improved kitchens- she is also related to the family who owns the first kitchen we went to see, and two of the men from this family joined us for dinner tonight as well.