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8 Black, Feminist, Radical, Queer Zines to Add to Your Required Reading


As you further your commitment to the active practice of anti-racism, I hope these resources might offer just a glimpse into all of the nuances and intricacies of the Black identity. All of these issues and publications are linked below and available for free to read on Issuu!

black women matter zineBlack Women Matter Zine

By Underground Sketchbook

Underground Sketchbook Zine – Volume 1: This zine is dedicated to black women. Read the stories of 11 black women who have been killed by law enforcement. Know their names. See their faces. Remember their stories. Anti-copyright.





women and non-binary identities zineWomen & Non-Binary Identities

By Shades of Noir (@shadesofnoir_)

How are women and non-binary folk portrayed in black history? Is this representation fair? What does this mean to the mediatization of black history month? Black History month is celebrated across the nation. However, it seems to mainly focus on the historical achievements of male activists. “The most unprivileged person in America is the Black woman”. Black women and Non-binary folk are thriving and surviving everyday, but their achievements are not celebrated enough. Yes, civil rights may exist, but black lives are taken everyday due to the existence of anti-blackness. Even in movements like #BlackLivesMatter there seems to be a lack of media attention towards women (including trans women) and the non-binary folks’ struggle. Today we want to celebrate women and non-binary identities in black history and remember the diverse activism that paved the way for today’s generation. We shall hear from influential people who are trailblazing a path for the next generation.


a call to negro women zine
A Call to Negro Women: A (Little Known) Black Feminist Manifesto

By MelaNation Zine (@melanation.zine)

“In 1951, the Sojourners for Truth and Justice wrote, “A Call to Negro Women’’ to protest the violence, racism, and sexism that Black women experience. Around 130 Black women joined them in Washington, DC to demand justice, safety, and freedom. In this zine, Mariame Kaba and Ashley Farmer write essays about the significance of the Sojourners for Truth and Justice in the development of Black feminism and the legacy of Black women freedom fighters.”



sister outsider art zineSister Outsider Art: Shotgun Seamstress #4

By Shotgun Seamstress Zine (@potterybyosa)

Drawing influence from Audre Lorde’s collection of essays and speeches, titled “Sister Outsider,” this zine celebrates art created by Black queers, punks, and feminists. Defining “outsider art” as “the creative work of self-taught artists that exists largely outside of the mainstream art work” the zine pays homage to influential figures of the Black queer punk movement whom it labels “outsider artists,” such as Vaginal Davis and Adee Roberson.


before they kill me first zineBefore They Kill Me First

By Hunter Shackelford (@huntythelion)

Before They Kill Me First is a zine calling out Black cisgender men who seek to kill Black trans folks, Black queer folks, Black women, Black children, and Black people. This zine was written, illustrated, and designed by Hunter Shackelford (@huntythelion).




a strong black lesbian woman zineA Strong Black Lesbian Woman Featuring Jess Guilbeaux

By Chaos and Comrades (@chaosandcomrades)

Our first SCRAPBOOK features Jess Guilbeaux, a Black lesbian woman who appeared on Season 3 of Netflix’s Queer Eye and brought the issue of LGBTQ youth homelessness to audiences around the world. We grapple with three facets of Jess’ identity— Blackness, Queerness and Family— and explore the meaning of rejection and “chosen families” for young LGBTQ people.




By Black, Queer and Intersectional Columbus (@bqic.ohio)

ONYX: On Pride as queer, trans, and intersex people of color. ONYX is the second zine brought to you by Black, Queer and Intersectional Columbus (BQIC). BQIC is a grassroots community organization in Central Ohio that works towards the liberation of Black LGBTQIA+ people from all walks of life through direct action, community organizing, education on our issues, and creating spaces to uplift Black and queer voices.



black joy zineBlack Joy Zine 

By Ayoka and 33 Carats (@33caratswebzine)

The same way that some people have a hard time understanding the concepts of #BlackLivesMatter or #BlackGirlMagic, some won’t understand #BlackJoy: Don’t all people deserve to feel joy? What is so specific about the type of joy felt by Black people? We could go on and on about the wonderful stories shared by our contributors, through their words and art but we prefer you to explore it for yourself. In a world that would rather share stories of Black trauma, we have decided to make this zine a beautiful celebration of Blackness. Help us share the joy by sending this zine to your friends and igniting discussions on what joy means to you, with the tag: #blackjoyzine.

Fight for Social Justice with BU Student Organizations

IMG_8500In light of recent events involving the death of George Floyd, UMOJA: The Black Student Union, Boston University Student Government and 50+ Boston University clubs/organizations are coming together to fight for social justice by donating to the following organizations:

Black Visions Collective
Color of Change
Showing Up for Racial Justice

Our goal is to fundraise $10,000. Any donations are appreciated.