• (Under review) June Park and Jung Kian Ng. “CarbonX: Comparing Compliance Carbon Markets in Europe and Asia Toward Net-Zero.” (For submission to Energy Policy, funded by Schmidt Futures Collaborative Grant G-22-64300)
Funded by the Individual Grants (Collaborative Grant G-22-64300) for the International Strategy Forum (ISF) - Asia Fellows at Schmidt Futures.
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Funded by the Fung Global Fellowship at Princeton University.
  • (Under review) June Park. “Industrial Policy and Weaponized Chip Supply Chains: The Role of the U.S.-China Race for Supremacy in AI in the Japan-South Korea Chip War.”
The research has been enriched by three sources: the 2019-2021 Korea Foundation-IAFOR project entitled, ‘Korea and Japan in the Evolving China-US Relations: COVID 19 and Global Governance: Korean and Japanese perspectives’; the 2021-2022 Fung Global Fellowship at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) at Princeton University for on-site fieldwork in Austin, TX USA; and by the 2021-2023 Japan Foundation and Lee Hee Keon Foundation for Korea-Japan Exchange for on-site fieldwork at the Waseda Institute for Asia-Pacific Studies (WIAPS) at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan in March 2022.
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This article is published in the special issue, The Political Economy of Vaccines During the COVID-19 Pandemic, edited by Elize Massard da Fonseca, Elizabeth King and Holly Jarman. (Online publication date: July 31, 2023, Expected print publication date: January 2024)
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