week two.

The rhythm seems a lot easier to get back into the third time around. I’ve powered through the freshman rollercoaster and moved past the woes of sophomore year. Junior year I hope to surround myself with people that genuinely want to see my grow and succeed. I’ve always been extroverted and a people person, however, this summer I realized the importance of friendship. I finished my sophomore year wanting more than anything to be alone. To take time to figure things out on my own and isolate myself from others. That was my plan this summer, but God had another plan for me.

I gained some additional people to my tribe here at BU. They are honest, intelligent, they believe in me and most important they make me want to be better. I travelled around the northeast with them and through the midwest by bus train, car and plane. I was reminded this summer what friendship means. From the importance of my fraternity brothers in my life to feeling wrapped in the warmth of comfort when surrounded by family. I travelled back home and saw friends doing amazing volunteer work and realizing how great of a moment it is to live in.

My first two weeks of junior year haven’t been ideal, but I’m still hopeful. I live by one motto since July of 2017. It is very simple. “It’s not what they call you, it’s who you answer to” and I answer to my best friend, Jesus Christ. So, I’m excited for the challenges this year holds. I understand the ups and downs of college and that somedays feel longer than the others, but there’s something new this year. I consider it a new energy. I’m inspired again and I see so much, but hear so little this year. I found this quote last year and attached it to a picture of my Marsh Chapel Family. I think I will hold on to it all semester, “find your tribe and love them hard.”

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