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At the first service of the semester, the Dean preached a sermon that I think will stick with me for the whole year, maybe longer. He told us to think about the people who remind us who we are at our best. I’ve never considered myself to be a leader, I’ve always been content to let someone more charismatic or extroverted to take charge while I just agree. “Throwing them a ‘like,’” if you will. But I wonder, so I start thinking about my own heroes. Did Tina and Kate and Trevor know they would show us that we could call attention to important issues while making people smile? Did Gillian and Geena know that when I saw them on the screen I’d come to believe that I could be anything? Did Sara and Chance and Lin know they would write songs that would teach me how to feel and make me want to be better? Did Barack know he was going to be president? Did my parents know that their commitment to bettering their communities and standing up for what’s right, even if its something small, inspires me every day?

It wasn’t until this Sunday that I started to realize how I could become this person. The Dean was preaching (so I guess it’s the Marsh community that really reminds me of who I am at my best) about ministry as service. This doesn’t have to be ordained ministry, or even my smaller-scale intern ministry. Ministry can be kind words, attentive presence and the practice of compassion in your everyday life. Dean Hill encouraged us to accept invitations. When an opportunity is presented, take it and put forth your best work. When a friend invites you to be part of something, participate with your full self. When you have an idea, challenge yourself to see it through. I think that’s how those people above became leaders, they said “yes.” So my challenge for myself this week is to say yes and accept those invitations. I think I’ll meet some pretty amazing people. Maybe even myself.

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