Pause and Consider

For a moment I remembered what drew me here to Boston. It was fear. I never imagined myself at BU because I didn’t think I would get in. Earlier today I was hosting some students from the Southside of Chicago and they asked why I┬ácame to BU. There was no program or professor that drew me here. Boston is a great city but it wasn’t what I concerned myself with. I came to BU because I was scared as hell. Walking onto campus and seeing this university put fear in my heart of everything that could go wrong and that could go right. I then remember what brought me to Marsh and this internship, and it was the same feeling of fear. Being surrounded with UU’s, Methodist, Episcopalians, and just people that saw Jesus and the religion of Jesus different from how I saw it scared me. So I chose to join the team.

It’s scary to feel so connected to people that see the world in a different way then I do. Who when they pray to God or another divine being see someone/something different than me. I hold my Jesus close to my heart, but this internship has asked me to be willing to see my Jesus and Christianity in many different ways. I never imagined the religious implications of working on a political campaign or the decision there is with picking my next stops post graduation.

Brother Larry and Soren have challenged me this semester more than any to, pause and consider. I think they’ve witnessed my growth, both positive and negative over three years. But what is important is to pause and consider where I am, why am I here, and where does God fit into all of this. These questions consistently stay on my mind and keep me up at night. I want to live a life for God, but I still don’t know what means and what bothers me most is that i am not sure that’s an answer I will ever have.

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nyas posted on August 20, 2023 at 11:05 am

In my opinion, it is the differences that make us progress and progress has no fear…

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