Birth. Family. Brotherhood. Pain. Suffering. Struggle. Life.

Who is our god when we our born? Our sustainer, provider, guide, that which we fear, that we which we respect, and that which we love. Our first god is our parent(s)/guardian(s). Is this blasphemy or comfort? We cannot see god, so when we are young all that is used to describe god is what we see in our parents. They make sure we have what we need and at certain times more, but are never hesitant to discipline us for our own good. that makes us fearful, but respectful of them.

In life we suffer, we struggle, and we must go through pain. Throughout most of it we are given hope when we see our parents. If they’ve lived through much worse, why can’t we overcome our obstacles when they are guiding us through them. They see us as a blessing, but the true blessing is the love a parent/guardian has for their child. They do not have to be a great example for us, they choose to be this. Later on in life we basically become them in some way.

Regardless of the punishment, pain, fear, anger and the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve gone through in the relationship with my parents, I’m thankful, I’m loving, and I’m happy that they’ve been there to lead me away from the wrong path. Everything I do is for them. Whatever I achieve is something that we achieve together because I could not have done it without them. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.

I hope I can be as good as they’ve been to me to the next generation.

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nyasin posted on August 20, 2023 at 10:56 am

Fear is definitely not a bad thing. Of course, it must have size. Because sometimes the courage of not being afraid is stupid…

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