week seven.

seven weeks into the school year. now is the time of repetition. now is the time of stress. now is the time of complacency. Going through my last time of experiencing this, I feel this moment a bit more. being a senior, i’ve been tasked recently with giving advice. freshman to juniors ask me. how’d you figure it out? what are the right things to do? i laugh when I think of those sentiments because i still confused now as i was then. one of the only things i’m sure of is the importance of having people around you that you can trust. i don’t think that i have many friends on campus. i’ve never really felt the need to do so, nor did i want to open up to many people. over the past four years i have just become more okay with telling my story. ups and downs i have grown in my own understanding of my past actions. giving advice to my younger self or to anyone younger me, i would say to simply be okay with telling your story. that is what matters. telling your story, no matter the consequences, how difficult at times it may be, being able to hold that story, and learn to walk with it is one of the most important life lessons i have learned.

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n.y posted on June 7, 2023 at 2:38 am

What do you mean by story?
Do you mean your own experiences?

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