an institution

“Well, the Church is an institution, Mike. Made of men. It’s passing. My faith is in the eternal. I try to separate the two.”
This quote pretty much sums up my view of the church and my faith since coming to college. I needed to separate the two so I could keep my faith. Coming from the perspective of the preachers kid, I got to see the tremendous highs of the church and some frightening lows. I realized that politics are everywhere, and people can say one thing and do the other. I saw people hurt my family, people I thought were people of God. As I got older I saw Christians preaching hate, discriminating against their neighbor, supporting racist rhetoric and calling it holy. For me there has to be a separation, institutions change and disappoint you, my faith has yet to do that. Tying those two together set yourself up for disappointment. I think I’ve completely separated the two. Faith is no longer found within the bounds of the church, from the mouth of a preacher. I find faith everywhere now, I think that’s for the better. I can see myself being open to more ideas and individuals because I’m not rooted in the institution any longer.

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neda posted on June 1, 2023 at 4:19 am

It is better not to say anything about some idle scholars…
I think they are ruining the faith of many people.

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