Paths and Directions

We all have our own individual paths we are on in life, and though each path is different depending on the person, every path has something in common: the journey. What we might not realize is that the journey we take down our path to get to our ultimate destination is long and winding with both expected and unexpected situations. If we stray from the path, that is okay because it is normal to want to take shortcuts in life. What we all need to get down the path successfully is support and love and guidance, form not only those who we love but also from the Lord, for e knows what is in store for us when we get to the destination.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the path I am on, and I’m in a good place as far as knowing what my future holds (to a degree), however the path I am on has changed somewhat over the years until I grew up and finally realized what I was meant to do. I know that the lord has a destination for me, and only the Lord truly knows what the future holds, but I know that as long as the Lord is with me, I’ll be okay and things will work out. Everyone has a purpose and a reason for living and all need to learn to live a Christ-centered life.  I call us all to live a Christ-centered life and let him guide us down the path we are supposed to go, and follow his directions.

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nedayas posted on May 29, 2023 at 2:34 am

The path of my life is the path that I chose and this is what God approves. So, in fact, my destiny is what I wrote.
What is your opinion about this? do you agree with me

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