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In the Belly of the Buddha

There was a time when I thought I was Buddhist. I suppose that fits me neatly into the New-Agey spiritual-seeker college student category (or should I say cliché?). But yes. I discovered Buddhism my freshman year of college, when I decided last-minute to take “Buddhism in America” instead of a computer programming class (yes, I […]

Good Enough

I just got my personality results on the Myers-Briggs test again. The result: INFJ, a personality shared with Martin Luther King, Jr. The description: an idealist, committed to raising up the downtrodden, but also a realist–working hard to make things actually happen. Scrolling through the description, everything fit me accurately. You are an introvert that many […]

Nearly Six Months

October 15th will be the six month anniversary of the Marathon bombing. No, that can’t be right–it can’t have been six months already, my mind protests. But it’s true. I’ve especially felt it as I’ve been involved in my other church community of Arlington Street Unitarian Universalist Church with planning the decommissioning of our prayer […]


In my conversations with Soren, I’ve been having to think a lot about the way God operates in the world (because when you’re applying to divinity school, they ask you those kinds of questions in your admissions essays…). And it’s a tough question. I was raised in a world where you prayed personal favors from […]

Trinitarian Musings (from a Unitarian)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Trinity this summer, especially after reading Forrest Church’s The Cathedral of the World, a moving and beautiful book on Unitarian Universalist theology. One of the reasons I was first drawn to Unitarianism was the whole unity part. God is one. After a childhood growing up Baptist and Catholic, […]

Prayer for a New Year

This summer, I began a new practice–spiritual journaling. I’m not calling it prayer journaling, because I don’t just write prayers–there are poems, stream-of-consciousness scribbles, and all sorts of things that I wouldn’t necessarily characterize as prayer, but that nonetheless are part of my spiritual development. I find it relaxing and centering. Which, for many, probably […]

The Year in Review

I don’t trust my memory alone to remember things for me. I feel much more secure having things down on paper. Every New Year, I take out my journal and make a page titled “The Year in Review.” I write down important events, things I learned, and my resolutions for next year. I think there’s […]

My Prayer for Boston

As I sit down to write my weekly blog post for Marsh, there is only one thing I can think of to write about. The thing that is heavy in the air in Boston today. The explosions at the Marathon. I had been in New York for the weekend, visiting grad schools. As Evan and […]

UU Easter Musings

As I sit here in front of my computer, typing quickly before I head off to the slew of Easter services that Marsh Chapel is holding this morning, I think about all the things Easter has meant to me. I’m wearing a new dress now, as always, because that was a constant in our family–my […]

“As you let your own light shine…

…you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Marianne Williamson Some people just have an incredible, innate ability to inspire. You can just tell that they have come in touch with their own connection to the divine (a connection I believe each of us has, but which some have a harder time finding than others). […]