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From Hope, From Terror

The ground partitions into what will grow & what won’t. Even nature is fractured, partitioned. I want to believe in rebirth   that what comes from death is life, but I have blood from someone’s father’s father on my hands & no memory of who died for me to be here. – Fatima Asghar, If […]

Angels in America: An Interpretation

Together we organize the world for ourselves, or at least we organize our understanding of it; we reflect it, refract it, criticize it, grieve over its savagery and help each other to discern, amidst the gathering dark, paths of resistance, pockets of peace and places whence hope may be plausibly expected… the smallest indivisible human […]

Sharada Navaratri

I’m going to be totally honest, I forgot all about Sharada Navaratri, which started this week.  This fall equinox Navaratri, usually twenty days before Diwali, has different significances depending on what part of India you’re from. I grew up with Navaratri as a celebration of light over darkness and the battle of Dussehra. It’s my nineteenth Navaratri and I still […]

On The Waters

I set thee in the passage of the waters. I set thee in the swelling of the waters. I set thee in the ashes of the waters. I set thee in the lustre of the waters. I set thee in the way which waters travel. I set thee in the flood, the place to test […]


The scene: It’s 11 pm on a Saturday night and I’m supposed to be doing the offertory prayer for tomorrow’s service. There are a couple things that I’m feeling and they mostly center around what could be called discomfort but what I’ll call instead growing pains: The rhythm of church remains uncertain to me. Also, […]

A Mishmash Of Things

Growing up in my largely white small town in the largely white state of Minnesota, going to temple meant, at its most fundamental, seeing people who looked like me. I remember my time at temple as always joyful, chants perpetually buzzing in the air like the very pulse of the sanctum, little kids in bright […]