Engineering Futures Seminar and More!

Wow so the the Engineering Futures Seminar was off the hook! It was quite wonderful to wake up in the earlier hours of a crisp Saturday on October 6th, 2012 morning in order to kick off the weekend.  Cheryl was quite wonderful in explaining the different concepts inherent to being a good leader both as an engineer and as a people-person. We did some impromptu skits, presentations, and ate delicious bagels with cream cheese all while having a blast giving public talks in front of our peers.

We are all attentive to Cheryl

We did it!

Also don’t forget that Monday October 15th at 7pm in Photonics 206 is the Boston University Tau Beta Pi information session. There will be free pizza, soda, and an awesome-sauce presentation by the Tau Beta Pi e-board yolo!

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