How Fly Are We?

Sometimes people tend to think of Engineers as being Enginerds! However, it’s much deeper than that. We immerse ourselves in a world of numbers, theorems, vectors, and analysis. But this provides us with a life lesson and a methodology with which we live out our lives. We see math in things and start to realize that what we once wondered and marveled at can be reduced to equations and ideas that make sense. The world starts to make sense, and we are able to share this understanding to help others. As an engineer-in-training, I see myself as one who wants to better help this world by employing what I have learned. Life is beautiful and even though wonders can be reduced to equations, we can still suspend our understanding for a while to share a collective awe resulting from seeing a plane fly takeoff, looking at the light of stars light-years away, and knowing that we are all connected.

We're Pretty Fly! (Treasurer Douglas and Corresponding Secretary Merinda)


“I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive…”

~Nicki Minaj

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