Biking Around the USA

Biking Around The USA

When not teaching, researching or talking to the media about business or economic issues I spend my time cycling.  I have cycled coast-to-coast across the USA twice so far, cycled in places like Rwanda and Vietnam and done many other long distance trips.   This set of posts covers my 2018 solo cross-country bike trip and my 2022 trip along the east coast of North America.  Links to the various  trip are here.

High level thoughts on long distance bike trips are:

Day-by-day details on my 2018 cross-country trip are here:

Day-by-day log

Details on the 2022 east coast trip are:
     Biking in South Florida
     Cycling through the Florida Keys

     Norfolk Virginia to New York City
     Biking New York City to Albany (Hudson Valley Greenway)
     Biking Albany to Canada Around Lake Champlain

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