Day 24: Coon Rapids to Redwing, MN

Between last night’s post and tonight two things happened.  First, my wife and I acted like tourists.  After finishing pedaling yesterday we went to a street and food truck fair for dinner, instead of eating in a restaurant. Then we drove to downtown Minneapolis to watch a very large fireworks show that they were holding along the river.

Doing both of these things felt a bit weird.  Normally, my night is structured differently.  I typically get off the bike, take a shower, eat, type a blog entry and pass out.  Doing touristy things felt quite strange but both were a lot of fun.

The second thing that happened was while pedaling today.  In the early part of the trip if I came to a sign that said “Road Closed” I was in trouble.  This sign meant the road was really off limits.

Today, I came to one of these signs and tried to figure out what to do.  In Minnesota, I guess “Road Closed” doesn’t mean that since many of the roads have people living along the road.  I decided to see how far I could travel down the closed road.   Not only did I make it all the way (about 5 miles), but I was passed by a dozen cars, including one police car.  It is funny how the same sign in two different states means such different things.

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