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The Ecolympics on BU Today

The Core Curriculum’s Ecolympics were recently covered on BU Today, complete with comprehensive explanations on the event as well as an informative video. The Ecolympics is not a Core Curriculum exclusive event. Jillian Ferraro (CAS’13), one of the event’s organizers says “I believe that everyone can make a difference in bettering our environment. The problem […]

Cyrano de Bergerac Trailer

From the 2011 production of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac by The Calliope Project. Sponsored by Boston University’s Core Curriculum. Directed by Elizabeth Ramirez. Trailer by John Sanderson with permission from the Hal Leonard Corporation

Five reasons YOU should do the Ecolympics

Prof. Daniel Hudon gives five great reasons for YOU to register for, and to participate in, the 2nd annual Ecolympics. The Ecolympics are coming: April 1-15, 2011 Help mobilize for Planet Earth.

Prof. Tabatabai featured on BUtv News

COM student Jordan Diaz prepared this video feature, showing Prof. Sassan Tabatabai moonlighting as a boxing coach. While training his students at The Ring, Diaz notes, Prof. Tabatabai draws upon the wisdom of the literary tradition to remind his boxing students, no one can teach you what you need to learn about yourself. NB: The […]

Ecolympics Audio Poster

(featuring the voice of Prof. Daniel Hudon) The Ecolympics are coming: April 1-15, 2011 Help mobilize for Planet Earth.

CC106: The monkeys are at it again

Do you see them? Those monkeys are banging away at their typewriters, trying to type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Every time there’s a problem involving randomness, the monkeys get called into action. But these are not your average monkeys. No, these are gedanken monkeys. They can madly type 24 hours a day, seven […]

CC202 video homework

Anne Whiting (Core ’11, CAS 13) observes that the homework in CC202 involves, sometimes, trawling videos on YouTube. Behold: The Three Boys – The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote) by Mozart A clip from Ingmar Bergman’s 1976 film version of Mozart’s opera. NB: This version will be screened next week, on Monday and Tuesday February 7th […]