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Day 9

By elissam

Antonio, one of the engineers we met in Chachapoyas, came to the hummingbird house to discuss the revised plans for the water project. Antonio wrote the old report, which only consisted of a new piping system from one of the sources (Yacuñao), did not include any filtration or either of the other two filters, and had been rejected by the government.

The municipality gave us maps of two of the four piping systems in chirimoto. These are the two most recent systems, and were both built by Foncores as part of separate government projects. One is incomplete, and includes plans for a slow sand filter that was never built. The other did not have plans for filtration, and had poor water pressure. We were not able to get maps for the parochial or antique systems.

We finished the water tests from Leymebamba, and began testing the water from the Hummingbird House tap and Shocol river.

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