‘Trump’s America’

American prestige has come to an end. Watching as the final vote count was webcast throughout the world, what struck me more than ever was the hidden preferences of the American voter. ‘Trumpism’ in the most negative sense has been manifested throughout the campaign, but opinion polls prior to election day failed to capture what the general American voter’s preferences are with regard to race, gender. Economic factors were clearly there for us to see during the campaigning stages, so their role and influence on the average voter were not very surprising. But on race and gender, it’s a different question. To think that stealth votes – votes that secretly wanted divide and segregation – contributed to the result of the elections, I am in doubt how the country can proceed toward a positive direction in Trump’s America. It’s not a matter of who became president – it is more the question of what values Americans have chosen to protect or throw away. The magnitude of the impact this election will have on America and the rest of the world is immense. The impact that previous racial riots (Ferguson, Rodney King) in certain districts of America had on the society at large is incomparable to the impact that this election will have, domestically and worldwide.

How will America heal itself?

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