New Beginnings for South Korea

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea’s decision to impeach (former) President Park Geun Hye and her departure from the Blue House comes at a difficult time when the country strives to find a way to make things anew. These are very challenging times both domestically and externally. Economic downturn, rapid aging of the population, youth unemployment, political factionalism, generational divides at home. Added to these dynamics are North Korea’s continued provocations and the US-China contest over the Korean peninsula, and unresolved history issues with Japan.

One important thing to remember is that this is the people’s decision to close the chapter of the Park era – an era of high-speed economic growth led by Park Chung Hee – one that accompanied significant crimes against its people and yet still one that was fondly remembered by the elder generation for ending poverty. The people’s will and concerted efforts nationwide toward the progress of democracy, and weekly peaceful protests by the citizens regardless of age, gender, region or class shall never be forgotten. The power of the people and the rule of law.

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