[ONLINE PANEL] ‘Governing a Pandemic with Data on the Contactless Path to AI,’ at the panel on Technology in the Time of COVID-19 with the University of Pittsburgh International Studies Center

BETH Webinar 2 Final FlyerOn November 17, 2020, I will be presenting my ongoing paper for the Italian SCOPUS journal, Partecipazione E Conflitto (PACO) at an online panel, ‘Technology in the Time of COVID-19’ for the Asia Studies Center of the University Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. You can register for the webinar here.

The full paper for PACO has been developed from my EWCW presentation and Asia Pacific Bulletin policy brief from July 2020 on contact tracing methods in South Korea and Europe, and is to be submitted by November 30 for final review. The paper is entitled, ‘Governing a Pandemic with Data on the Contactless Path to Artificial Intelligence: Personal Data, Public Health, and the Digital Divide in South Korea, Europe and the United States in Tracking of COVID-19′ and has been invited for submission to PACO’s special issue on COVID-19 and the Structural Crisis of Liberal Democracies: Determinants and Consequences of the Governance of PandemicThe publication is slated for March 2021.

I will be joined by fellow presenters:

Dev Lewis, Fellow and Program Lead at Digital Asia Hub, who will discuss contact tracing apps in Singapore and India and contrast them with China, Taiwan and South Korea’s efforts.
Jared Kohler, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Public Policy and Management, who will discuss the COVID dashboard that his team at CMU is developing to track the spread of COVID in the US, specifically focusing on populations of color.

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