[PUBLICATION+LECTURE] The Weaponization of Supply Chains (Rhodes College, JPOSS/Harvard University, University of Warwick)

The two pieces on semiconductors that I wrote in the East Asia Forum garnered considerable interest from academic and policy audiences. The thesis of the latest EAF is expanded in my latest draft article under review, ‘The Weaponization of Supply Chains in the Contactless Economy under COVID-19: The Role of the U.S.-China Race for Supremacy in AI in the Japan-South Korea Chip War’. In response to the overwhelming interest I have been providing talks in various academic and policy-oriented venues until end of year.

This page will be updated as the draft article gets invited for presentation pre- and post-publication, with lecture videos if available.

(Last updated: October 20, 2021)

  • Project on Navigating the Emerging Geoeconomics Order, School of Regulation and Global Governance (REGNET), Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (August 17, 2021)
  • Department of International Studies, the Asian Studies Program and the Chinese Studies Program & the Political Economy Program, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN USA (October 12, 2021)

Lecture Poster at Rhodes College

  • Japanese Politics Online Seminar Series (JPOSS)/Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (WCFIA), Harvard University, USA (October 22, 2021)

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  • The 13th Annual Convention of Korean International Studies Association (KISA) & the 15th Congress of Asian Political and International Studies Association 2021, “Operationalizing an East Asian Community of Peace and Development: Challenges and Opportunities”. Ewha Womans University, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Korea Foundation (KF) through Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Seoul, South Korea and Osaka, Japan (November 26-27, 2021)
  • East Asia Study Group, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom (December 2, 2021).

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