My extracurricular activities were not as exciting as I would have hoped during my first year at Boston University. Some may know me as a Marsh Associate and blogger. Well, I am also going to BU to study in finance and, hopefully, one day become a financial analyst. Going back to my extracurriculars. Because I felt like I was not involved enough on campus, I decided that it would be a great idea to work with my friend and start our own club. And so the Financial Planner’s Association of Boston University was born.

Our first meeting was on Tuesday. No this blogpost is not going to be about the meeting, nor will it be an advertisement for people to come to my club –you should though. It is actually about something that happened on the way back from our first club meeting.

Our club meeting was on 53 Baystate Rd. (right behind Myles). As my E-board (Executive Board) and I were walking back from the meeting, we were also carrying leftover boxes of pizza –in case you were wondering, yes people who came to the first meeting got free pizza. For those of you who travel through Kenmore Square you may have noticed the kind homeless gentleman who sleeps right beside the City Convenience.

Out of nowhere, one of the members on my E-board gave placed a full box of pizza down by the man. Usually people (including myself) will give the man spare change, but never a lot. Never something substantial. But, out of the kindness of her heart the girl gave an entire pizza to the man. She did not have to. She could have kept it –it was really good pizza.

She didn’t. But what impressed me the most was the way that she acted as she gave the man the pizza. She went about it like it was no big deal, like it was just something that she does. She didn’t care about recognition or applause from us. No. She did it so naturally and quickly that it was apparent why she did it. She cared.

For the first time in a while, I literally stopped and could not believe what I saw. Sometimes there are acts of selflessness that cannot go unnoticed. And so I am devoting this blogpost to recognize the ‘nonchalant’ acts of kindness that happen everyday. Sometimes they can literally be right in front of you. We just have to notice them. We have to emulate them. There is a difference between giving back and being selfless. One of which encompasses the other, yet needs no recognition.

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