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Easter Blessings

Easter has come and gone! Honestly, I cannot believe that it has gone by so quickly. The day itself, I have to admit, was pretty long. The three services definitely took a toll on me. I was very very tired. But, I had a lot of fun. I really appreciate all the hard work that […]

The Call to Love

Devin, Nick, Denise, and Tom delivered a sermon during today’s Maundy Thursday service! As I listened to them meditate on what it meant for Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet and how to love unconditionally, I was reminded of all the work that each of the Marsh Associates put into writing it, as well as the […]

What Easter Means To Me

I cannot believe that it is almost Easter. Last year during the Easter sunrise service I had to write a poem for the meditation portion of the service. Below I am going to post my poem from last year. It really speaks to me because the timing of Easter is as spring starts. The weather […]


I am proud to say that I helped write part of a sermon over the past week. As you can tell from the rest of my blog posts, I do not usually dabble in the realm of theological writing. I usually write more about my observations of things that are happening around me.   With […]


It is over. Today I finished my last final at CGS, and besides my capstone project, I am done with CGS. Although I may not have been ecstatic about my time there, I truly do appreciate it. It forced me to take classes and study topics that I would not have done otherwise. I appreciate […]

My Experience at Stop and Shop

Through my organizational behavior class I was able to interview corporate level management at the Stop and Shop Corporate Office in Quincy, MA. An experience in itself, I will not focus so much on their business; but, on some small things that I appreciate from my meeting. Stop and Shop, a New England staple. This […]

A Proud Roommate

This week I had a road block: I did not really know what to write about. I usually do not about specific people; however, this blogpost I must mention my roommate. A week ago today we were sitting in the top lounge in 575 Commonwealth Ave doing homework. I won’t say the specific time that […]


Today I had my Organizational Behavior lecture. This is one of the few classes that I genuinely enjoy every single time I walk in the door. Today’s lecture was eloquently presented and tackled the topic of interdependence in groups. Professor McCarthy (the OB lecturer) talked about the difference between a team and a group. I […]

Time Well Spent

And so it begins, the new semester. For a few weeks before class registration I was hoping that I would give myself a break and not overload myself. I guess I was sort of successful, I only have 18 credits so I am not technically overloading. However, extracurricular activities are filling in all of the […]

Coming to a close

The semester is finally coming to a close. To be honest, it is a bittersweet moment. I feel like the semester has gone by so fast! The semester flew by! With that being said, I have been super busy and I am quite ready to have a break from all of the craziness of school […]