Category: Spring 2017

Blessed Moments in Time

I have now been back with my parents in New Jersey for a week now. Seven days. It has honestly just now occurred to me that roughly seven days ago, just 168 hours ago, just 10080 minutes ago – each minute being only a brief moment in time – I was just arriving back to […]

The Last Page of the First Chapter

Today I write my blog post from room 909 in Sleeper Hall. Just nine months ago I began my college career by moving into this same room with fear, anticipation, and curiosity. Now, I sit in the same room with with very different feelings: thankfulness, hope, and excitement. I will be leaving room 909 at approximately […]


We have come to that time of year again—the wrapping up of classes, the slow dwindling of my to-do list as I cross off papers and exams in a steady slog to the end of the semester. As I sit in the chapel now—9:30 pm on Saturday, May 6th in the year 2017—I have one […]


I am regularly floored by the year that I have had. At our Monday meeting last week we asked each other a series of questions. It is one of my favorite things that we did this year. One of our questions was where have you seen God this year? I love that question, because it […]

Where the Heart Is

There is a saying that home is where the heart is. When I first came to BU, I wanted to create a new space that I could call home. Perhaps I could have gone further away from Brookline, the town near Boston where I grew up, to accomplish this. But when I came to Marsh […]


Walking up the steep hill to my externship at Hebrew College, which I did not apply to because I knew well the assistant director, I realized my privilege. I have two internships that pay me and also care about my development fully. While I’ve had a “rough” semester, I’ve received a full ride to BU […]


Have you ever gotten to the point where you sort of do not really feel any meaning about your actions anymore? Where you are wondering where all of then meaning and intentionality has gone? Where you kind of wonder where your feelings are, and where the light of your soul is? To me, that is […]

Different Points of View

I have encountered a difficult situation earlier this week that I have been thinking over quite regularly.   Earlier this semester, I became friends with a girl on my floor who is incredibly nice and smart. A bio-medical engineering major, she is both hard working and passionate about her studies. She is also a conscientious and […]

Vulnerability in Disharmony

I don’t often mention to people I meet that I work at Marsh Chapel. One reason for this is the question that people will invariably ask me afterward: “Are you religious?” Or, an even trickier one: “Do you believe in God?” As much as I would like to answer these two questions, the truth is I haven’t […]

Easter Blessings

Easter has come and gone! Honestly, I cannot believe that it has gone by so quickly. The day itself, I have to admit, was pretty long. The three services definitely took a toll on me. I was very very tired. But, I had a lot of fun. I really appreciate all the hard work that […]