I am regularly floored by the year that I have had.

At our Monday meeting last week we asked each other a series of questions. It is one of my favorite things that we did this year. One of our questions was where have you seen God this year?

I love that question, because it challenges me to examine my life and pay more attention to the big and small ways God breaks through.

This year, I consistently saw God in the people in my life. I have been blessed with the most supportive friends and family. It blows me away. The relationships I have formed this year have sustained me through exhaustion and uncertainty.

This is true of my colleagues here at Marsh. Over this year, they have become like family to me. They never fail to make me laugh. They never fail to make me think. They are thoughtful, kind and passionate. They each bring their unique perspectives, life-experiences and selves to the table and our conversation is rich because of it.

They push me to re-examine my own assumptions, to think deeply about my faith. They have taught me so much about faith, humility, patience and openness to God in these last few months. I have witnessed God at work through them and I have enjoyed every step of this journey thus far. They inspire me.

I cannot even begin to describe the ways that they have blessed my life this far, but I am a better person for knowing them.

My final blog post of the year is dedicated to them. My friends, who have reminded me of the love and grace of God every single day. Thank you.

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