Walking up the steep hill to my externship at Hebrew College, which I did not apply to because I knew well the assistant director, I realized my privilege. I have two internships that pay me and also care about my development fully. While I’ve had a “rough” semester, I’ve received a full ride to BU and just recently was awarded another scholarship for BU center for humanities. I got to move into a room that met my own desires and I’ve been presented with opportunities to lead in many different areas. I led an ASB trip that changed my whole perspective on the South and education, and became a CAS Dean’s Host. This rough semester has been filled with blessings and so I had to pause while on that hill and check my privilege.

My semester hasn’t been ideal. However, it was a non-ideal semester at one of the top schools in the country, in one of the best cities in the world and I still live to tell my story. Too often this semester I’ve dwelled on the negative. I’ve focused on what BU hasn’t done for me or the stress college has caused me. So for the rest of the semester, I will acknowledge the good.

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