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Engagement and Grace

Today, I walked into Marsh Chapel and practiced reading the reflection I wrote for the This I Believe service, where Marsh takes a few members of the graduating class from all around the university and has them reflect on their spiritual journeys. Among us were a wide-variety of different voices, perspectives, and personal narratives. While […]

Breathe, FTE, and a Trinity of Reflections

I have not really stopped to breathe since some unknown time before Easter. But, I’ve been here before and I am nowhere nearly as stressed and exhausted as I was back when I was a Sophomore where every class was very hard and there was no time to complete anything. So, I’ll just keep riding […]

Dying Churches, Interpretations, Faith, and Waves of Energy

Recently, in my own personal research I was conducting surrounding churches and vocation, I stumbled upon a myriad of articles that posed similar data and made similar claims about such data. The data followed churches that were growing and shrinking, and noted that growing churches tended to be theologically conservative, while liberal churches – mainly […]

Dark Nights, the Human Condition(s), and Lenten Seasons

One of the most personally defeating feelings is not exactly a sense of failure, but a sense of meaninglessness. Even in the midst of plans and assignments and future hopes and goals, I have recently begun to feel like my march towards graduation has, while maintaining pace, changed from a march to a painful trudge. […]

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I finally finished my last assignment. I turned and looked at the clock. It read 4AM. After cleaning up a little, I retreated to my room and turned the lights off and, after saying my prayers, got into bed to sleep. As I looked up and around my dark room, I could not help but […]

Breath In The Moment

Music, like other art forms, has a peculiar ability to capture human emotions and experience in ways that nothing else can. Art can capture experiences in ways that transcend conventional notions of existence and the experiences themselves. These abstract experiences can, in art, take on a life of their own and stretch and pull and […]

Intentions behind Personal Action

Last week, Brother Larry asked me a question that, as I continue to work towards my ideal vocational future and map out my next steps, has not ceased to buzz around in my head. He asked, “Where is God in all of this?” And, almost instinctively, I responded “Underpinning it all.” To which he quipped, […]

Refinement of Moral Decision/Ethical Decision Making

Recently, I have begun to really consider how I think about ethical or moral decisions, and what traditions/ideas influence me. When pressed in the past, my personal system for decisions and ethical beliefs went along the lines of something like this: 1. The moral decisions I make are based on the golden rule. 2. My […]

Identities, Assumptions, and Empathy

“Here I am, my identity in the collection of stories that inspire and drive me. Here I am, another paintbrush in the great canvas of Boston University. Here I am, my biology telling a story: I am Hispanic and the language in my biology carried by generations of farmers and workers who lived in Colombia. […]

Bitter Cold Psalms

This semester in Sojourn, we have been playing around with various different ideas and practices in community, in contemplation, in service, and in discussion. This week, we did a contemplation of a kind similar to journaling, and we read a few Psalms. Our current section of Cadres, or Sojourn meetings, have been revolving around themes […]