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Condemnation and the Anxiety of Guilt

I think The Courage to Be speaks to me in my theology because I am an individual who often experiences those existential anxieties that are associated with the human experience. Doubt? I’ve been there. Meaninglessness? I’ve been there. I will probably see the anxiety of doubt again at many different points in my life. I’ll […]

Theology, Forgoing, Humanity

I just finished walking over the stairway from Cummington Mall to Beacon Street, and began to turn left towards my apartment. As the blinding sun shone on my eyes, words began to buzz into my head that I heard just a couple of hours earlier in a brief conversation I had with my girlfriend as […]

Sinusoidal Functions and Balance

I remember — two years ago — being in my Differential Equations class and learning about the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model. I found it (and many other mathematical models like it) to be fascinating! The predator-prey model is a differential equation that describes (oftentimes) two sinusoidal wave functions that impact each other in this specific way: […]

Last Firsts

Hello, my name is Nick Rodriguez, and this is my last first blog post in the Marsh Vocation Internship blog. I am a senior here at Boston University studying Computer Engineering(woot woot Senior Design). This year, I am the President of SojournBU and the Vice-President of EpiscopalBU, two of the Christian student groups on campus. They […]

Blessed Moments in Time

I have now been back with my parents in New Jersey for a week now. Seven days. It has honestly just now occurred to me that roughly seven days ago, just 168 hours ago, just 10080 minutes ago – each minute being only a brief moment in time – I was just arriving back to […]


Have you ever gotten to the point where you sort of do not really feel any meaning about your actions anymore? Where you are wondering where all of then meaning and intentionality has gone? Where you kind of wonder where your feelings are, and where the light of your soul is? To me, that is […]

Responsibilities had me shook

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben, in Spiderman So I am an intern in ministry at Marsh Chapel, and a student-leader in religious life at BU, which means in some ways I have been given some sort of power and authority. I mean, like, hey there. Did you know that I am an […]

Systematic Moral Responsibility

*Important notes from the author of this blog post, see below. Let’s say there are two people: Ale and Ali. Both of these people are babysitters. Now let us also say that they are both negligent individuals. Picture them: Ale and Ali, negligent babysitters. Now, picture Ale in a situation where they need to drive a child home […]

Tweaking a Post about Tweaking Vocational Goals

Several months ago, in January, I wrote another blog post the same weekend that I wrote “Granos de Mostaza” but I ended up posting the latter and keeping the former, perhaps saving it for another time. I feel that time is now. I tweaked it a little and am posting it now because I feel […]

Confidence, Arrogance, Slices of Humbleness Pie

Last week, I spent time on a service trip with Sojourn in Oakland California. We slept at a church called Three Crosses Church and helped do repairs for a local multi-ethnic and multi-generational church in an Oakland neighborhood named Regeneration Church. We also did work for a newly started nonprofit called 1951 Coffee Company that […]