Category: Spring 2018

Engagement and Grace

Today, I walked into Marsh Chapel and practiced reading the reflection I wrote for the This I Believe service, where Marsh takes a few members of the graduating class from all around the university and has them reflect on their spiritual journeys. Among us were a wide-variety of different voices, perspectives, and personal narratives. While […]

Three Years Down

I’ve learned a few things over my three years so far. I hate goodbyes. The idea of having to say goodbye to someone who obviously means a lot to you is just bizarre. Sadly, it is that time of year where you have to say goodbye. Friends are off to new jobs, and new schools. […]

Practice Makes Perfect

During Holy Week, the Marsh Associates wrote and delivered a sermon on rituals. Since then, I’ve been trying to closer examine the rituals I practice in my life, which ones are healthy, and where I need to improve. The first that comes to mind is my weekly hour spent in prayer on Sunday mornings. Worship […]

Am I There Yet?

Recently I was having my typical existential crisis on what I should do post-graduation. The obvious choice is wait for a reply from the Peace Corps, but they like to play the waiting game. My fiancé thought it would be a good idea to look for possible career opportunities I may be interested, as I […]

Breathe, FTE, and a Trinity of Reflections

I have not really stopped to breathe since some unknown time before Easter. But, I’ve been here before and I am nowhere nearly as stressed and exhausted as I was back when I was a Sophomore where every class was very hard and there was no time to complete anything. So, I’ll just keep riding […]

send me your location.

Around 2am, 5 hours before I had to be at Marsh Chapel for Sunrise Service, I became disconnected with the sentiments that I was scheduled to deliver at our annual Sunrise Service. I had written a brief story about grief and dealing with grief as someone from the inside. One of my close friends, someone […]

Holy Days

The year is 1439 AH. This week is Holy Week for Christians and Passover has recently started for the Jews. Easter is tomorrow. It’s a wonderful feeling when celebrating the religious holidays with the community. There are 46 days until Ramadan 1. Prior to that there are two holy days: Lailat al-miraj and Lailat al-Baraat. […]

To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God

On Sunday, I wrote and delivered the prayers of the people for our service. I asked Soren to read over what I’d prepared and he said something that got me thinking. He’d made an edit and said, “I think that’s more in line with your personal theology, don’t you?” So after church, while I was […]

Dying Churches, Interpretations, Faith, and Waves of Energy

Recently, in my own personal research I was conducting surrounding churches and vocation, I stumbled upon a myriad of articles that posed similar data and made similar claims about such data. The data followed churches that were growing and shrinking, and noted that growing churches tended to be theologically conservative, while liberal churches – mainly […]

It’s Time Now

It’s been a while, thirty-nine days to be exact. I have taking on so much over the past month and a half that I have neglected something that has been a consistent for me for two years now. This blog. So I have so much to say about what’s been happening in my life and […]