Holy Days

The year is 1439 AH. This week is Holy Week for Christians and Passover has recently started for the Jews. Easter is tomorrow. It’s a wonderful feeling when celebrating the religious holidays with the community.

There are 46 days until Ramadan 1. Prior to that there are two holy days: Lailat al-miraj and Lailat al-Baraat. Having been to Dome of the Rock not long ago (and realizing that it’s an honor and privilege to have visited the site) Lailat al-miraj (April 14, 2018) will be a special day for me. I will reminisce on the feeling of having prayed at the well of souls under the Foundation Stone and touching the stone. A feeling like no other. A must do is to complete all the daily prayers, as Muhammad (SAWS) was instructed by God to tell us, and offer special prayers on this holy day. Lailat al-Baraat (May 1, 2018) or Mid-sha’ban, is a holy day that I can use to pray for the sins of my ancestors and for the forgiveness of my sins. I feel as this is a day where our faith is very similar to Christianity by the concept of grace or salvation ¬†and to Judaism by the day of atonement. Interfaith work is of extreme importance to me an it makes this holiday special for me as well.

Ramdan is a little over a month away, but it is a month where we come together as a community. People fast to enhance compassion, stay humble, and get closer to god. We will donate what we ca to those in need. We will be kind to those around us and abstain from negative behaviors. We will be a community of people who will become closer to god before the month and our lives end.

With Holy Week and Passover occurring now it is a hopeful prelude to what may come with the muslim community once Ramadan begins and continues until eid al-Fitr.

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n.yasi posted on June 20, 2023 at 12:19 pm

It is wonderful to have a religious community…
What do you think?

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