Category: Spring 2018

Community on Campus

During Spring break I was fortunate enough to go back home and participate in and event by the David Project called “Latinos and Jews United”. The David Project isa Israel advocacy group that works on campuses to promote Israel, but I didn’t really see any heavy right-wing Israel propaganda on the trip to Israel in […]

Dark Nights, the Human Condition(s), and Lenten Seasons

One of the most personally defeating feelings is not exactly a sense of failure, but a sense of meaninglessness. Even in the midst of plans and assignments and future hopes and goals, I have recently begun to feel like my march towards graduation has, while maintaining pace, changed from a march to a painful trudge. […]


Over Spring Break I had an assignment. Partially because someone I cared about told me to do it, but mostly for myself. The aforementioned person pointed out to me that I like to be in control and know what’s in store for me and that maybe the reason I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately is that, […]

Thoughts from Week of Feb. 5

How does the world understand time when there is such diversity of religion, background, and identity? I have been grappling with the fact that the world agrees universally (at least the connected world) that the year is 2018. Why did the whole world come to agreement that year 0 is according to the Christian Bible, […]

Talking With God

Last week I was interviewed by Méli Solomon for her project “Talking With God”. Méli is seeking a Masters of Jewish Liberal Studies in Global Interreligious leadership degree from Hebrew College, as far as I know it’s the first of her kind. She began her project in 2014 and has interviewed people of various faiths […]

God’s Plan

Drake, the hip-hop mogul and rapper of global fame, came out with a single entitled “God’s Plan” a few weeks ago. To be completely honest, I think the song is actually really good. The beat, like much of Drake’s work, is danceable and inventively suave. The lyrics resemble his thoughts on how through adversity he […]

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I finally finished my last assignment. I turned and looked at the clock. It read 4AM. After cleaning up a little, I retreated to my room and turned the lights off and, after saying my prayers, got into bed to sleep. As I looked up and around my dark room, I could not help but […]

Who is the Other?

A few weeks ago I helped my friend Linor lead the Big Q conversations at Hillel during shabbat for the non-Jews. The leading question was “Who is the Other”, this could be a question of identity in any sense of the word. Religiously tackling the question during our planning was interesting. Linor is a secular […]

Breath In The Moment

Music, like other art forms, has a peculiar ability to capture human emotions and experience in ways that nothing else can. Art can capture experiences in ways that transcend conventional notions of existence and the experiences themselves. These abstract experiences can, in art, take on a life of their own and stretch and pull and […]

Sermons on Sunday Mornings

The Sunday Morning sermon study is a thing of beauty. For the last two weeks, the conversation has flowed spontaneously with theological insight, moral questioning, and ethical dilemma. Deep questions such as, “Is it sinful to think a sinful action, or is it only sinful to carry out that action?” and “What is freedom?” are […]