Talking With God

Last week I was interviewed by Méli Solomon for her project “Talking With God”. Méli is seeking a Masters of Jewish Liberal Studies in Global Interreligious leadership degree from Hebrew College, as far as I know it’s the first of her kind. She began her project in 2014 and has interviewed people of various faiths and denominations to the gauge the religious experience of the participants. As she writes articles and leads workshops regarding these interfaith experience, she also expects to write a book. She is an exceptional individual.

I was a little nervous during the interview because I was hoping to clear up some of my practices as a non-denominational muslim as they differ from typical orthodox practices. She made me aware that this conversation was not about Islam as an institution, but how I as an individual practice what I believe in. It mad me comfortable to say the least. I didn’t feel pressure to speak up for all muslims or condemn the acts of radicals that I do not agree with when she said this, I was just speaking for myself. In many cases when I’m asked questions about my faith I feel as though I have to clear up assumptions and explain all aspects of faith and my point of view, but not in this case. It was simple to explain how I connect with god and my prayer practice and to simply speak of god in this sense because there were no right, wrong, or in between answers; only the answers that I believed in. She helped me see my way of my practice and that was beautiful. I hope to help Méli close out her journey and help her plan workshops for the project in the future, InshAllah.

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neday posted on July 2, 2023 at 2:59 am

“Talking to God” is considered one of the sweetest human actions…
But he doesn’t spare us our ugly deeds…

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