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During Spring break I was fortunate enough to go back home and participate in and event by the David Project called “Latinos and Jews United”. The David Project isa Israel advocacy group that works on campuses to promote Israel, but I didn’t really see any heavy right-wing Israel propaganda on the trip to Israel in January. However, this project in Miami had a bit more bias in it and excluded the other side of the conflict, while holding tighter t their narrative than usual. I wasn’t offended or disappointed, but I was actually trying to gauge why this was happening and the reason for it was because some students in this cohort did not go on the trip to Israel and the David Project always has to mention Israel because that’s what they try to represent on campus.

The conference was basically a way for members of the Jewish and Latinx community to share activities to have a bit of a cultural exchange, but there were always Latin Jews who were part of both communities who were well aware of the other. In my opinion it was a great conference where we all learned a lot, but there aren’t really any examples of Jews and Latinos against each other on the media (Although it does happen from time to time). It got me thinking that on an American campus members of the Latino community don’t have anything against the Jewish community, but sometimes members of both the Jewish and muslim communities refuse to meet because they see the other as an enemy. Because of this I am hoping to have a cross-religious event between Jews and Muslims at the end of April and hope to work with some of the people that have made it happen on our campus before.

I also started thinking about BU and some other college campuses and how members of mainly the christian and Jewish faiths have more representation than other religions. One thing I love about Hillel and Marsh on BU; however, is that they are open to accepting all and that is something that matters. I hope that one day we can all come together peacefully without preconceived notions of what others think about us or what we believe about them and I also hope that I can help start an organization that caters to muslim students on campuses throughout America such as Hillel.

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neda posted on June 22, 2023 at 4:33 am

I think that a country is working against people, there is no defense…

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