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The chronicles of growing up choir kid

“How do people who grew up religious move from the taken-for-granted world in which they had been raised to a more deliberate, intentional approach to faith? Many people, of course, do not make this move at all. People from the most intensely religious homes sometimes lose their interest in spirituality, either from sheer boredom or because […]

Thoughts from Week of Feb. 5

How does the world understand time when there is such diversity of religion, background, and identity? I have been grappling with the fact that the world agrees universally (at least the connected world) that the year is 2018. Why did the whole world come to agreement that year 0 is according to the Christian Bible, […]

A spiritual quandary

  The past two weeks my soul of reason has been in direct conflict with my soul of spirit. I can best describe it as my soul of reason finally realizing my soul of spirit exists and my soul of spirit realizing that my soul of reason resides in the same realm. In other words, my faith […]

Reflecting on BILI

Tuesday night I attended my first Boston Interfaith Leadership Initiative meeting. I was really moved by each section of the evening. Sometimes being in college can be oddly stifling. There will be periods, usually around midterms, when the aura of the campus feels dark and drab. There will be waves of complaints and jabs made at […]

No Title

In light of the mass shooting in Texas, I wanted to educate myself on the matter. I am disappointed in the security system in place to protect us. It was released on Monday that the shooter in Texas was able to acquire a gun legally because the Air Force had neglected to submit Devin P. Kelley’s conviction of […]

New perspectives

This week I attended the program for the 500th anniversary of the 95 theses. We had a delicious dinner and watched a documentary film on Luther and the historical context behind his actions. My father drove up to attend the event because we have very old German ancestry and both love good spätzle.  The documentary really […]

The dichotomy of religion in 2017

This blog-post is very generalization* heavy, so I am open to confrontation, opinions, and criticism.  * All generalizations are compiled from my experience with people of privilege, i.e. people who attend(ed) University, attend(ed) private high school, and live(d) in safe areas of the world.* A conversation I had with my coworker this week sparked my blog post today.  We discussed […]


My name is Phoebe Oler. Here I go. During this weeks staff meeting on Monday night I was able to deeply reflect on what is important to me in prayer and in life. It began with Bach Sunday and the cantata about the evils of the hypocrisy of Christianity: when one doesn’t act what they […]