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We have come to that time of year again—the wrapping up of classes, the slow dwindling of my to-do list as I cross off papers and exams in a steady slog to the end of the semester. As I sit in the chapel now—9:30 pm on Saturday, May 6th in the year 2017—I have one […]

Cover to Cover

For my Lenten practice this year, I decided to read the entire bible, starting with Genesis on Ash Wednesday and finishing with Revelation on Holy Saturday. On previous occasions when I’ve read the bible from cover to cover, I’ve done it over the course of the year, reading around four chapters a day but this […]

The Call to Love

Devin, Nick, Denise, and Tom delivered a sermon during today’s Maundy Thursday service! As I listened to them meditate on what it meant for Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet and how to love unconditionally, I was reminded of all the work that each of the Marsh Associates put into writing it, as well as the […]

Fire in the Belly

This weekend, I traveled to Minnesota for a discernment retreat put on by the Forum for Theological Discernment (FTE). I had no idea going into this retreat what it was or who would be there or really anything about it. I was happy to have something to do this weekend but I wasn’t particularly excited […]

Service Reflections

This past week for spring break, I traveled to Macon, GA on an Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip with eight other BU students and a staff member chaperone. We left Boston bright and early (or I suppose it was dark and early) on Saturday morning at 5 am for the 20+ hour drive. We—along with another […]

Sunshine and Sentimentality

This past week, as temperatures reached into the 70s, I loved watching how people were drawn outside—stretching hammocks between trees, sprawling on every available patch of grass, tossing a Frisbee with friends between classes, and coming up with any possible excuse to go for a walk. After weeks of solitary morning runs where I could […]

Here I Am

Birthdays are strange times—they offer arbitrary yet significant marking posts along life’s path, allowing me to stop and take a breath, to reflect on where I’ve been, where I hope to go, what has changed, what has stayed the same. There are some things that all of my birthdays have in common—time with friends, questions […]

Beacons of Love

I have so many things that I want to say and yet at the same time I am having trouble finding the words. I am struggling to find words in the face of blatant xenophobia, hatred, fear, and ignorance. I am struggling to find words in a world in which it seems words and facts […]


Over the past week, I have sent a lot of my time listening—listening to concerns shared over social media; listening to the views, opinions, fears, and fragile hopes expressed in articles, op-eds, and blogs; listening to professors process right alongside me; listening to friends voice anxiety, outrage, terror, exhaustion; listening to people trying to find […]

Home Away From Home

As part of my involvement with the Lutheran Ministry in the Fenway, the organization that oversees the Lutheran campus ministries at Boston University and Northeastern University, I was asked to write a reflection on what campus ministry means to me. I thought I would share what I wrote as my blog post for this week: […]