Home Away From Home

As part of my involvement with the Lutheran Ministry in the Fenway, the organization that oversees the Lutheran campus ministries at Boston University and Northeastern University, I was asked to write a reflection on what campus ministry means to me. I thought I would share what I wrote as my blog post for this week:

To me, community is at the core of what campus ministry is—a group of people from various backgrounds, each with their own struggles and beliefs and joys who are able to come together to share meals, engage in fellowship and prayer, wrestle with difficult questions, or just take a few minutes or a few hours to lay on the floor with some crayons and a coloring book engaging in mindfulness and meditation together. These experiences through this ministry have kept me grounded and centered. It doesn’t matter what else has been going on in my life—academic stresses, personal struggles, confusion or yearning for discernment—I always know that I have a community around me that that will listen to my doubts and fears without judgment, that will struggle with me and challenge me, that will support me and grow with me. The home that I’ve found here in Boston is centered around this community—this community of wanderers and questioners, of believers and thinkers, of friends that have become like family. Through my involvement with this ministry, I have found a deeper understanding of my faith and of God’s call for me. I have found a community to challenge and support me. I have found a home away from home.

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