Different Points of View

I have encountered a difficult situation earlier this week that I have been thinking over quite regularly.


Earlier this semester, I became friends with a girl on my floor who is incredibly nice and smart. A bio-medical engineering major, she is both hard working and passionate about her studies. She is also a conscientious and caring friend to all she meets. She meshed into my friend group quite well and was a positive presence to many good times and laughs.


Unfortunately, earlier this week I found out that she had very differing views than my own; she does not believe in evolution and she holds questionable views of homosexuality. I am a firm believer in both evolution and a person’s rights to love who they want.


After finding out more about her views and opinions after a few months of friendship, I was shocked and a little disappointed at what I discovered. I started questioning, “Should I still be her friend even if she holds views I vehemently disagree with? Should I judge her by her character or by her beliefs?” As a Christian, I believe that I should be a friend to all, but I’m having a hard time coming to terms with these different beliefs and how I should handle our friendships in the future.

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