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  Easter Sunday. The light and joy of Sunday morning in any church is incredible. It’s palpable. The cheery greetings and colorful clothes, coupled with the brilliant sun this year reinforce what we are celebrating. This joy infects me, every year, without fail. It lightened my step as I returned home after services. It colored […]

Responsibilities had me shook

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben, in Spiderman So I am an intern in ministry at Marsh Chapel, and a student-leader in religious life at BU, which means in some ways I have been given some sort of power and authority. I mean, like, hey there. Did you know that I am an […]

Cover to Cover

For my Lenten practice this year, I decided to read the entire bible, starting with Genesis on Ash Wednesday and finishing with Revelation on Holy Saturday. On previous occasions when I’ve read the bible from cover to cover, I’ve done it over the course of the year, reading around four chapters a day but this […]

Easter Vibes, I’m on an Easter High

He has risen and this beautiful Easter Sunday continues to shine on as I write this blog. It is without question the best day of the year and the best weekend of the year. From Good Friday and the 7 last words services to Easter Egg hunts and spending much needed time with family, Easter […]

The Call to Love

Devin, Nick, Denise, and Tom delivered a sermon during today’s Maundy Thursday service! As I listened to them meditate on what it meant for Jesus to wash his disciples’ feet and how to love unconditionally, I was reminded of all the work that each of the Marsh Associates put into writing it, as well as the […]

Low times and high hills

I’ve had a rough semester. I’ve faced challenges I never imagined I could conquer and this semester has been a complete rollercoaster. It’s had high peaks and deep consuming drops. In these low times and high hills I’ve become thankful to the people I’ve opened myself up to here. They’ve kept me going. They have […]

I Will Walk With You

About two weeks ago now, I noticed blue footprints along the Commonwealth Ave. sidewalk. Obviously, I walk along the same one mile stretch of concrete and brick everyday, so the change in scenery was quite noticeable. As I continued to walk back to my dorm, I noticed a sentence written in the same blue paint, […]


I like to watch the sunrise. Even before the sun is fully visible, you can sense its presence. The sky is gradually becoming grayer and then these beautiful purples and pinks and oranges appear. My window here overlooks the Charles river and the colorful sky framing the buildings and reflecting off the water is breathtaking. […]

Fire in the Belly

This weekend, I traveled to Minnesota for a discernment retreat put on by the Forum for Theological Discernment (FTE). I had no idea going into this retreat what it was or who would be there or really anything about it. I was happy to have something to do this weekend but I wasn’t particularly excited […]

Systematic Moral Responsibility

*Important notes from the author of this blog post, see below. Let’s say there are two people: Ale and Ali. Both of these people are babysitters. Now let us also say that they are both negligent individuals. Picture them: Ale and Ali, negligent babysitters. Now, picture Ale in a situation where they need to drive a child home […]