I like to watch the sunrise. Even before the sun is fully visible, you can sense its presence. The sky is gradually becoming grayer and then these beautiful purples and pinks and oranges appear. My window here overlooks the Charles river and the colorful sky framing the buildings and reflecting off the water is breathtaking. It is a wonderful way to start the day.


These past few weeks I have had to be very intentional about creating time to breathe and sit. The semester is ending and all of my professors have been cramming as much as possible into our last month of classes. It has been a lot to keep up with and we are not slowing down. It is a little draining. The sunrise has been restorative for me. It gives me a moment to pause and be grateful. I watch the brilliant colors and marvel that another day is breaking so beautifully around me, the world is starting to wake up and I get to start again. It gives me a set time to make sure I am whole before I begin the rest of the day. It has kept me sane.


For me, carving those spaces to ignore my to-do list and breathe has been so important and at times they can be difficult to maintain. This week I am especially thankful for new beginnings, quiet spaces, gorgeous skies and the people in my life who remind me to smell the flowers.

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