I Will Walk With You

About two weeks ago now, I noticed blue footprints along the Commonwealth Ave. sidewalk. Obviously, I walk along the same one mile stretch of concrete and brick everyday, so the change in scenery was quite noticeable. As I continued to walk back to my dorm, I noticed a sentence written in the same blue paint, “I Will Walk With You.”

I was confused as to what the new art on the sidewalk was for, but either way, I found it quite comforting. Most students plug in their headphones, and aside from an occasional run-in with a friend, the walking to and from class is quite lonely. The footprints brought a smile to face and made me feel special. It might be silly that paint on a sidewalk made my day, but to me it was beautiful.

The paint has now begun to fade, but I can still make out the outlines of the footprints. They continue to remind me of God’s presence in my life, and that no matter what, he’s walking with me. I’m grateful for whoever came up with this concept because it has certainly made an impact in my daily life.

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