The Last Page of the First Chapter

Today I write my blog post from room 909 in Sleeper Hall. Just nine months ago I began my college career by moving into this same room with fear, anticipation, and curiosity. Now, I sit in the same room with with very different feelings: thankfulness, hope, and excitement.

I will be leaving room 909 at approximately 3:00 pm today, and board a plane that will take me home. (Or at least my home for a month until my family moves to San Diego.) I feel extremely lucky to say that BU is my second home. With so much transition this past academic year, it is nice to be able to feel comfortable with the school I chose.

I am thankful that I was able to begin work at such a positive place of thinking and growth. I’ve met some of the nicest and most thoughtful friends anyone could ask for and I feel so grateful to have them in my life. I wish Kasey and Ian the best as they venture forth from BU and begin their success in their respective fields.

I am hopeful that the other Marsh associates and I can be as passionate and focused next year as Ian and Kasey were this year. Devin, Denise, Nick, and Matt all inspired me to work harder and I see hope in each of them every time we check-in on Monday nights at our weekly meetings.

Finally, I am excited for my own future at BU. There is so much opportunity I see around me. I am no longer fearful. I feel secure. I feel as though I have matured this year in some respects, and I am looking forward to the many more changes to come in the future.

To anyone who is reading this, I wish you a wonderful summer. And to my fellow Marsh associates, I can’t wait to laugh and work with you all soon.







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