A Proud Roommate

This week I had a road block: I did not really know what to write about. I usually do not about specific people; however, this blogpost I must mention my roommate. A week ago today we were sitting in the top lounge in 575 Commonwealth Ave doing homework. I won’t say the specific time that we were working; but, let’s just say it was pretty late at night. My roommate was hungry so he decided to go to 7Eleven across the street and get some food.

After a half hour I look out the window and see a group of police cars in Kenmore Square. I called my roommate to see what was going on and he did not pick up. About 15 minutes later my roommate came back upstairs.

He told me that he had found a young woman who was visibly distraught and screaming for help. She had been raped and robbed. My roommate was the only person who stopped to help her. He had stayed with her the whole time until the police came and even stayed to help while they were they were asking questions.

My roommate did not want to take much credit; but, I feel like I must post something to thank him for what he did. Not many people would have been able to handle the situation like he had. In fact, many people just walked by her. I am very proud of him for what he did. Thankfully, he was able to get the young woman the help she needed.

We do not know if they ever found the man who defiled her. However, what my roommate did is still commendable. He came to the woman in her time of need and did everything in his power to make sure that she was okay. I’m proud of you and proud to call you my friend.

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