Time Well Spent

And so it begins, the new semester. For a few weeks before class registration I was hoping that I would give myself a break and not overload myself. I guess I was sort of successful, I only have 18 credits so I am not technically overloading. However, extracurricular activities are filling in all of the gaps that I made for myself.

Over winter break I interviewed for an internship and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to start this semester. The internship is a little ways away; so, I have to get up bright and early  to arrive on time.

Factoring in my internship, this semester is a throwback to my first semester at Boston University, an 8am every single day –except Thursday.

I did it to myself. Again. However, this semester I have actually enjoyed being really busy. Yes, it means long nights. And yes it means getting up early. But, i feel like my days last a lot longer and that I am achieving much more with my time. I feel like I am also using my time much more efficiently. And time is money, or some variation of that. Although I do not necessarily agree with that adage, I do value my time. I value the experiences that I have and what I learn everyday. I can honestly say that I have learned at least one important thing every day of the week.

Here’s to a new semester and the personal value to time well spent.

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Young Jedi posted on January 26, 2017 at 8:18 pm

Good luck my friend! I’m excited to grow with you, here’s to a new semester!

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