Over 24 Hours

Usually I bring up things that regard American society that are not directly relate to politics. I believe that the nature of this forum, it being posted to Marsh Chapel’s blog, should not impose heavy political views. This is some of what we tackle during our Sunday Morning Book Study. However, with that being said. Today is the day after the election for the president. This could very well be a historic election in its own right. Although I do not want to delve into too much politics, I will reflect on what I saw happen over the past 24 hours.

Over the past 24 hours I have seen the entire mindset of a nation change. I have seen the markets crash. I have seen politicians, celebrities, and everyday people question what will happen next. I have seen people rejoice. I have seen people cry. I have seen people rationalize.

Over the past 24 hours I have thought a lot about what I have seen and how I feel. But, there is one thing that I know and that I hope everyone continues to think about: we must continue to keep our integrity. Whether you support or do not support the nomination moral character and a high set of moral values must still be upheld.

Respecting our brothers and sisters is something that we have had engrained in our brains; I know that this was drilled into my head ever since I can remember. But, words do not mean anything without action. And actions do not mean anything without proper planning and the use of high moral standard.

What is a high moral standard? These may differ from person to person. For me it is treating everyone as a human. Everyone is the same; no matter race, religion, language spoken, economic level. No human is greater or worse than any other. We are all flawed in certain ways. This needs to be accepted and expected. But this does not me we are flawed people. It is our duty to make sure that all people are accepted by others. That we work on our flaws. That we communicate our opinions and create bridges between differences.

Whoever the political nominee is should not dictate our own actions. Aggression is never defeated by aggression and anger only spawns more anger. We are in a world surrounded by other people. Just like you, they are people’s children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, friends. Everyone’s life is in some way connected; whether it be the economy, war, or common beliefs. Bigotry and racism are not accepted. There is no exception to this. We are all living. All have the ability to think and reason. If we can all successfully maintain this ability. We must rationally maintain our moral high ground no matter who is the ‘figurehead’ of the nation is.

This election has been very divisive. It seems that no matter what outcome, half of the population is outraged. But, this outrage should not dictate actions. This outrage cannot cloud the moral character of the people in this nation. We are only as bad or well off as we want us to be. You decide what actions you take. You are responsible for maintaining basic human liberties. I hope that everyone stays true to proper moral character. I am hopeful peace will remain.

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