United Beginnings

Yesterday, marked the first day of my time as a Chapel Associate. The meeting with the other interns brought about many inventive ideas for the service organization Nick, Denise, and I will begin work on. One idea that I found to be inspiring was a possibility of working with other religious groups on campus within the new program.

I read President Brown’s letter to the Boston University community  last Sunday on the subway after a brunch with friends at Harvard Square. Coincidentally, the train filled with protestors going to Copley Square for the anti-immigrant ban protests as I continued through Brown’s statement. Similar to the signs the protestors held for the protest, the President’s message emphasized a culture that refused to discriminate by race, creed, or culture.

After speaking more with the fellow interns and Jen yesterday, I am starting to realize more the power of unity and I think an inter-religious service organization could be a powerful tool to unite the students of Boston University and reinforce President Brown’s message.

I look forward to starting this organization with Denise and Nick and I truly believe that we can create a wonderful program that encourages volunteers to use faith and love to impact both the BU community and Boston at large.

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